During Summer, nothing hits the spot like some good seafood. We have you covered with some of the best places to get seafood in Buffalo Niagara.

by Max Fisher

Buffalo Niagara has a variety of unique places to get seafood year round

Something in the Water

I don’t know what it is, but when the temperature hits 75/80 degrees, beyond people wanting to go out and buy an air conditioner, people want some good seafood! So if you already have your air conditioner set up and have this craving that seems to have appeared out of nowhere (rest assured it’s normal, no need to call the doctor), then we have you covered with some of the best places to get seafood in the Buffalo Niagara area!

Steve’s Clam Bar

Clams (and more) done right at Steve’s Clam Bar, one of the great places to get seafood in Buffalo Niagara

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll never eat good clams in this city, they’re just too fancy and expensive?” Well, don’t despair because if you’re willing to fork over a little extra cash (because let’s be clear, good clams are never cheap, always pay for quality when dealing with raw fish), Steve’s Clam Bar will have you slurping down quality clams like a born aristocrat in no time, but Steve’s is no one-trick seahorse (it’s the horse of the sea; look I know the analogies a little rough, but I’m trying). Steve’s Clam Bar has also got an assortment of oysters raw or Rockefeller, if you’re so well inclined, as well as seafood cocktails ranging from crab to crawfish. I’ve never met Steve, but with a seafood selection like this, I’d bet he’s an alright guy.

Bailey Seafood

Shrimp Homestyle Dinner from Bailey Seafood

Family owned since 1985, Bailey Seafood has been one of the true seafood staples of the city for over 30 years. You ever have a weekly fish fry and every week as soon as your about to take the last bite you almost bring yourself to tears because at that moment you think to yourself, “I have to wait another whole week for this?” Well my friend (firstly I’d ask if you’re ok, you seem to have a little bit of an abnormal love of fish fry) if that feeling (minus the tears) of savoring each bit to truly appreciate every little bit of flavor is what you crave, then Bailey Seafood is the place to go. Through their culinary skill that’s been honed to the point of sharpness equivalent to the nose of a swordfish due to their multiple decade-spanning business, they have thus achieved the seemingly impossible feat of making a fish fry taste like Friday any day of the week!

River Grill

Crab legs at River Grill

We all love fried fish. You could make the argument that it’s the default way to eat fish, but sometimes using the fryer gets tired. Maybe you want to eat some nice grilled salmon while looking at the Niagara River and listening to some live music. If I just described the summer culinary experience of your dreams, boy are you in for a shock because what I just described is most certainly a reality. The River Grill will give you that great open sea feel as you munch down on the ocean’s bounty, and yes, they’ll fry up the food if you like, but I ask you, what is the point of that? “Grill” is in the name.

Captain Of The Sea

Haddock and wings combo from Captain of the Sea

Sometimes the best places are the smaller ones, just a little bit off the beaten path. That’s where a place like Captain Of The Sea comes in. You may not hear its name ringing at all hours throughout the city, but it’s got a dedicated group, and it’s constantly growing. You can’t ask for more from a growing business.Captain Of The Sea doesn’t deal with the fancifully prepared fish with interesting sauces and difficult to pronounce names. No, what you get is bare-bones compared to other places. We’re talking the likes of catfish, haddock and shrimp, but what you do get is solid and filling. It’s a great place to meet up with some friends, and have no doubt in your mind that this will be a good meal.

The Crab Man

Some like it hot: super seafood combo with Boiling special (very spicy) sauce

Sometimes, you need to go all out with your seafood experience, and when that choice presents itself, I’ve found that The Crabman is more than capable of handling the challenge. I’m talking go big or go home here! Do you want clams? How about 1LB with a half of potato and an ear of corn? How about a combo? How does 1LB of snow crab and 1LB of shrimp with two potatoes and two ears of corn sound? This is the type of place almost exclusively meant to feed large gatherings, but when the occasion arises for various pounds of seafood to be eaten, The Crabman is a good guy to have in your corner.


Fish fry, Bang-Bang Shrimp and more more at Hooked

Not to be confused with the 1991 Spielberg movie starring Robin Williams (which is actually a fun movie and kind of goes with the seafood theme… so what can I say? We all know I really like movies). If you’re looking for the utmost swankiness to go with your seafood, then look no further than Hooked! Located in the Mosey Hotel, this is the type of place you take a date for a good first impression (and a hand-sized print on the inside of your wallet). From a cold bar section that deals exclusively with raw fish and cocktails ranging from prawn to tuna tartare, and a delicious selection of pasta with fish like Clams Linguine, and Shrimp & Scallop Scampi (It has angel hair, hence the scampi. Got to appreciate creativity in menus, Most places it stops at the kid’s section). So if you’re looking to make a first impression over some good seafood really stick, then get hooked onto Hooked!

Liberty Hound

Ahi Tuna Nachos at Liberty Found: crispy fried wontons topped with fresh sliced tuna, wakame, shredded carrot, jalapeno, scallion, sesame seeds and Sriracha aioli

Do you like the Buffalo Waterfront? Are you a fan of WWII Style naval ships? Do you like seafood? What if I told you, you could get all three and you wouldn’t even have to join the Navy? Interested? If the answers is yes, then head on over to Liberty Hound where the food and the atmosphere will have you feeling like you’re eating a good meal after a naval battle or having a good dinner after returning home from sea. Either way, you’re in for a good meal, and isn’t that all that counts?

Places to Get Seafood in Buffalo Niagara

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What do you think of our list of places to get seafood in Buffalo Niagara? Have a favorite that we missed?  What’s the most exotic seafood you’ve tried around town? Let us know.