Looking for a delicious pick-me-up or in the mood for something sweet? Our list of donut spots will help you on your noble donut quest.

by Max Fisher

From classic staples of donutry to modern flavor experimention that calls into question the very existence of donuts themselves, Buffalo Niagara has a delicious assortment of donut shops to choose from for any pallete

Donuts are Lifesavers

No, I’m not talking about the circular mints you begrudgingly buy from the vending machine when you unexpectedly notice your breath isn’t quite up to snuff. No, I’m talking about first thing in the morning when it seems like you have a sandpit trapped in each one of your eyes, and the mere act of getting out of bed makes you feel as if you deserve an Olympic medal. In times like this, the circular tried and true treat called a donut, resembles more of a life raft than any garden-variety pastry because in a lot of cases eating a donut in the morning or whenever you feel you need a sugary pick me up, gives you the energy (and the crash – make sure your daily diet doesn’t consist of just donuts) to push through the haze we all feel from time to time and get done what we need to during the day.

And let’s be honest here, nothing beats a really good donut, so if your excuse for having one is simply “I felt like having one,” you will never hear any complaints from anyone. So, whether you’re looking for a delicious pick-me-up or you’re just in the mood for something sweet, let our list of places to get donuts in Buffalo Niagara guide you on that quest.

Fry Baby Doughnut Co.

Ever-evolving creative flavors at Fry Baby Doughnut Co. On display here: orange creamsicle, cookie n cream, bubblegum, cherry coke float, blackberry mocha chip, butter pecan and more

Have you ever heard of plant-based donuts? I haven’t, but I’m perpetually out of the loop. Plus everything is plant-based nowadays. If you’re looking for a bit more of a healthy kick in your Maple Glazed, plus bragging rights and telling your friends you found a vegan donut place that doesn’t make every donut taste like sunflower seeds and oat milk, checkout Fry Baby Co. The only tears you get here are from joy!

Paula’s Donuts

Not everyone can do the basics well, and Paula’s Doughnuts does that and much more, making some of Buffalo’s most popular doughnuts

Going to Paula’s Donuts is like going to your energetic aunts house to eat pastries. She’s excited about everything. She doesn’t even need a legitimate reason to be.Paula’s Donuts has that same vibe. From the energetic intro video on their website, which briefly details how they make the donuts (they make them fresh daily, by the way), to their specialty donuts such as the cannoli donut (which translates surprisingly well, who knew ricotta could be such an excellent donut feeling?) or their Reese’s peanut butter puffs with black raspberry jelly or chocolate drizzle (whom among us doesn’t like Reese‘s peanut butter or jelly on a doughnut? Naysayers please step down because in this case, you are the minority).

Whatever you choose at Paula’s Donuts will leave you happy with said choice, plus the welcoming atmosphere makes you always get more than one, like reaching for that extra sweet at your aunt’s house. (That’s all well and good just don’t get her going on the family photo album, you’ll be there for hours, and there aren’t enough donuts in the world to stop you from falling asleep).

Donut Kraze

Some of the selection at Donut Kraze

With a name like Donut Kraze, you wouldn’t be wrong to think of a varied selection in an establishment with such a name. And in this case, you’d be right because Donut Kraze has a two-page menu, with the first page being wholly dedicated to just donuts (the second page has breakfast and lunch items beyond donuts, just in case you’re wondering). Donut Kraze is the type of place where every time you go in, you can try something new, and with no second-guessing you know that whatever you choose will be good. Maybe one day, you walk in and get powdered cinnamon. After eating that with gusto, you then wait a few days, come back with even more excitement and purchase a banana donut.

And the joyous cycle continues to the point that eventually, every time you come in, you’re as giddy as a child that’s just been released on summer break. (Some might say it’s just the sugar rush grabbing hold of you. I say it’s the result of some damn good donuts plain and simple). So if you’re looking to try an assortment of different donuts, you really can’t go wrong with Donut Kraze!

DiCamillo Bakery

Looking for classic donut flavors done to perfection? Try DiCamillo Bakery

When it comes down to bakeries, we’re dealing with royalty here. Founded in 1920, this family-owned business has been steadily racking up awards and prestige for generations, and if you have ever been there, it’s not hard to see why. DiCamillo Bakery is known for its outstanding bread, cookies, and anything else that falls under the baking umbrella, but their donuts? That’s something else entirely. Their peanut stick donuts have been a Western New York classic for countless years (doubly impressive when you realize that the business originated in Niagara Falls).

Please make no mistake. DiCamillo Bakery knows that their donuts are a big deal. That’s why when you order a baker’s dozen, they come individually wrapped (they say it’s to ensure freshness, but you know it’s just their slight nod to say, “yeah, we know we’re good”). If your looking for bonafide classic donut, stop by DiCamillo Bakery. They’re so good, you don’t even have to talk about it, you just know it.

Peace, Love & Little Donuts of Buffalo

Further donut creativity and unique deliciousness at Peace, Love & Little Donuts

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee Wiz, I wish there was a donut shop with the aesthetics of the 1960s with the cool calm vibe of a flower power commune, minus the smell, of course?” Well, be careful what you wish for because in the case of Peace, Love & Little Donuts, it’s granted! The donuts are broken up into tears. There’s the Funkadelic selection, which includes items like apple pie donuts, banana crunch donuts, and banana split donuts. Then there’s the Funkadelic With Nuts selection, which includes things like peanut butter donuts and PB&J donuts, among others.

I’m not going to go through the other two tiers available at Peace, Love & Little Donuts, which are the Far-Out selection and the Groovy selection because I just don’t have time, but trust me, they’re weird and will make you unexplainably happy (which oddly enough is how the 60s were from what I’ve been told). So, if you’re a holdover from the flower power generation or are just looking for a donut off the beaten path, check out Peace, Love & Little Donuts. You’re in for a trip; just maybe not the one you’re expecting.

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