Discover some of the best coffee roasters in Buffalo Niagara, and learn how they transform that magical fruit into a delicious cuppa coffee.

by Max Fisher

Discover what Buffalo Niagara coffee roasters have to offer

Yes, the Magical Fruit Indeed

Generally, coffee roasting is as follows. Roasting coffee transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste. There are different ways to get to the end result of the bean being ready, however, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

What are some of the best coffee roasters Buffalo Niagara has to offer? Let’s get into it!

McCullagh Coffee

Photo from McCullagh Coffee Facebook

McCullagh Coffee offers the broadest range of coffees, teas, and allied products to meet your needs. Their coffee programs include traditional roast & ground offerings, liquid shelf-stable & frozen coffee, and espresso programs from Nespresso, Illy, and McCullagh that ensure profits go to your bottom line – not the equipment suppliers. With McCullagh Coffee’s more than 150 years of experience, it’s not hard to see that they more than know what they are talking about. So why don’t you go see for yourself?

Buffalo Coffee Roastery

Photo from Buffalo Coffee Roastery Facebook

The Buffalo Coffee Roastery was opened in 1994 by current owners, Kate and Sean Edwards. After several trips to California to learn the roasting process from her sister, Kate thought the Western New York Market was ready for some roast coffee. Using a 12-kilo San Franciscan coffee roaster, Buffalo Coffee Roastery was the first coffee house in the area to roast on site (think one of those professional sushi chefs making sushi in front of you, but with coffee and without the smell of raw fish).

This gave Buffalo Coffee Roastery a sense that they were open to trying unconventional things in the pursuit of getting the best coffee they could. It paid off, and the Buffalo Coffee Roastery has become a staple of Buffalo, New York as a result. But don’t take my word for it. Head down there and try one of their medium roasts, like Coffee of the World or organic and see what magic gets yielded from their roasting process.

Bean Bastard

Photo from Bean Bastard Facebook

Bean Bastard is as homegrown an operation as you can get, as stated by owner Nicholas Mirusso on the store’s website: “I started roasting coffee in my kitchen, motivated by chasing the freshest possible way to attain a cup of coffee. Through my pursuit, despite many home smoke alarms, I felt I was onto something. I began developing a more refined method by buying my first home roaster, in which I began creating coffee magic in my garage. I then started bringing the coffee to family gatherings, getting quite great reviews.”

As the years went on, Mirusso garnered quite a buzz in the city and eventually opened the Bean Bastard online store, which eventually led to the physical store. The appeal of Bean Bastard isn’t its world-renowned roasting technique or that it gets its blends from some far-off continent not visible on most maps. The appeal lies that at its core Bean Bastard is the brainchild of a stubborn guy who despite all the ups and downs and the trial and error, kept trying to make the best roast possible. It’s was that commitment to try that caused people to gravitate to, and also was a key factor to Bean Bastard’s success.

So if you want to try a roast that was made with the blood, sweat and tears one puts in to make a dream a reality, check out Bean Bastard.

Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery

Photo from Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery Facebook

Some roasteries specialize in making you feel comfortable, and that’s the case with Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery. Whether you decide to get a roast at one of their stores (which doubles as a cafe with a small batch roast prepared every week) or take one of their wonderful blends home, either way, you’ll feel almost as if the blend was made specifically for you. So if you’re looking for a roastery with a real homey touch that’ll have you leaning back in relaxation as soon as you take the first sip, give Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery a shot.

Steamworks Coffee

Photo from Steamworks Coffee Facebook

What do you get when you combine a great roastery with a great selection of confections? You get Steamworks Coffee! Whether it be specialty coffee like the drip or the cold brew to confections like Tater Cakes, cinnamon rolls, cake, croissants, scones, cookies, brownies, danish braids, and more, whatever you choose, it stands to reason it’s going to be good at Steamworks Coffee.

Unapologetic Coffee

Photo from Unapologetic Coffee Facebook

They say never apologize if you don’t have to. And Unapologetic Coffee prize themselves on not apologizing. Not saying they never do anything worth apologizing for, just that their roastery is so damn good they don’t ever feel inclined to apologize for the high level of excellence. From sourcing the best beans from family-owned and/or collective farming initiatives to roasting exclusively on a Bellwether(c) electric roaster, Unapologetic Coffee is a zero-emission roaster compared to traditional methods. Roasting small allows them to control the best product outcome to customers.

Unapologetic Coffee makes sure to use only the best equipment, the best ingredients, and the best techniques to ensure they never have anything to apologize for.

The Best Part of Waking Up is Locally Roasted Coffee in Your Cup

Coffee is one of the most frequently consumed substances on earth. With such popularity, it’s easy to find all different kinds of methods to get the coffee ready for consumption, and one of those more frequently used methods is roasting.

If you take anything away from this piece, I hope you got the sense that roasting isn’t a one size fits all ordeal.

It’s got a multitude of factors that go into it, from the type of beans to where they get it from, etc., etc. Still, one thing that they all have in common is that they’re all incredibly hard-working because the roasting process is not easy, and no matter the different methods, the goal is always the same “making this batch better than the last.”

So hopefully, this piece gave you a taste of what roastery coffee is like and the love and care everyone involved puts into it in the hopes of getting better and coming up with a product people enjoy.