Dust off those lonely lederhosen, grab the nearest beer stein, and Germanically prance your way to the Cobblestone District to (endlich!) let the good times roll at Hofbrauhaus Buffalo.

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The interior of Hofbrauhaus Buffalo at night

Yes, you read that correctly. Hofbrauhaus Buffalo has really opened. Just in time for the cold weather, but not just in time for completely auspicious circumstances, Hofbrauhaus Buffalo is killing Buffalo softly, and having a partial, “soft” opening (if you will) until we collectively emerge from the complications surrounding you-know-what. So! Dust off those lonely lederhosen, grab the nearest beer stein, and Germanically maraud your way to the Cobblestone District at 190 Scott Street in Buffalo to let the good times roll, all the while hilariously pronouncing everything possible with your best stereotypical German accents. Read more below about Hofbrauhaus Buffalo and why you don’t want to miss out on one of Buffalo’s most anticipated openings.

Is Germany in the Haus?

You can expect live music every day at Hofbrauhaus Buffalo

While many of us may never be lucky enough to make it over the pond to experience a true-blue Oktoberfest or German beer hall, we’re now fortunate enough that Buffalo has the closest possible experience to that of the real deal in Hofbrauhaus Buffalo.

Here’s a few things that you can expect during your visit:

  • Live music every day, whether it’s performers from Deutschland or local talent
  • Buffalo’s largest biergarten: as one might expect, in the summer Hofbrauhaus Buffalo moves the party outside!
    Full service in the sun or the shade
  • Authentic German dining: although there is only a limited menu available (more below) during the soft opening, when Hofbrauhaus Buffalo moves beyond this initial phase there will be a traditional German menu offered daily!
  • Every beer is brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516. Why mess with a good thing?

Bier Me

As one might expect, Hofbrauhaus Buffalo has delicious, unique, classic Bavarian beers on tap every single day. Like we mentioned before, all of their beers, all Hofbrauhaus Buffalo brews are made according to the Purity Law of 1516, so you’re sure to get exceptionally delicious beer with centuries of tradition behind it every single time. Here’s a few beers on tap, but find the full beer menu and more information here.

The Original

Hofbrauhaus’ Original is a full-bodied bottom-fermented lager offering a fine hops aroma and well balanced flavor. At around 5.1% abv, this bottom-fermented brew is as well balanced as it is delicious. It has true character.

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Hefe Weizen

We can’t think of anything more pleasurable than Hofbrauhaus’ Hefe Weizen – a thirst-quenching brew that tingles all the way down. Except maybe 5.1% abv. and a refreshing and fruity taste that can only come from being brewed by ancient tradition.

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Subtle spices and rich flavor make Dunkel a brew that is a perfect choice for any occasion. This archetypal Bavarian beer still reigns as one of Hofbrauhaus’ most well-rounded flavors. Whether you’re celebrating the start of the weekend or a wedding anniversary, this spicy, bold brew featuring 5.5% abv. is perfect for every occasion. 

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One of Munich’s oldest beers offers a clean finish ideal for spring.

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Traditional Bavarian Cuisine

While a limited menu is available during Hofbrauhaus Buffalo’s soft opening, there is still plenty to choose from

If you’re a fan of traditional Bavarian/German cuisine, Hofbrauhaus Buffalo’s menu (even their limited menu) has so many options you won’t know where to start. From the famous schnitzels and pretzels, to rich pork stews and an assortment of sausages, Hofbrauhaus Buffalo’s menu has probably the greatest selection of traditional Bavarian food in Buffalo Niagara.


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    We’ve visted several times already!! What a great place, good food and music!! PROST!!

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    Let us know what you thought when you do go!

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