Halloween is pretty much the only time of year that it’s fun to be terrified, so get out there & have fun at the 4 spooktastic places below (while following safety guidelines of course)

by Max Fischer

Enjoy the fearful shapes and shadows on the (usually) family-friendly Halloween tours below

Well friends, Halloween is quickly approaching once again, and as a result people are starting to get that yearly craving to get the bejesus scared out of them. This season, the method in which the bejesus will thoroughly be flushed out your system maybe a bit different compared to years prior, but have no fear (at least in this instance) – we’ve got you covered, if fright with safety in mind are what you seek.

The Genesee County Poor Farm

Discover what dark secrets are hidden in the The Genesee County Poor Farm asylum’s dark halls on one of their tours

The Genesee County Poor Farm, better known as The Rolling Hills Asylum officially opened on January 1st 1927. It was originally designed to house “society’s undesirables” including orphans, widows and drunks among others through the years. The institution was eventually shutdown in 1974. Now you can experience the residual anguish of those poor unwanted souls through a Psych Hold Tour, in which you’ll be able to conduct your own (or with friends provided they maintain 6 ft. distance from each other and wear masks) investigation throughout the premises. Discovering whatever dark secrets are hidden in the asylum’s dark halls. If you’re interested, try and book one as soon as possible, spots are filling up fast!

Old Fort Niagara’s Lantern and Lore Tours

Tour the darkened halls of the Fort and come face-to-face with spooky stories from the Fort’s violent past on a Lantern And Lore Tour

Do you like your frights to be period accurate? If so, travel back to the 18th century with one of Old Fort Niagara’s Lantern And Lore Tours. Guides, in period accurate clothing, carrying lanterns and telling scary stories (possibly dipped in truth) will lead guests, as they move through the Fort’s all-encompassing fog. Who knows what scares and stories await when all you have is the light of a lamp to help you see through the mist? The Lantern And Lore Tours are a part of Old Fort Niagara’s seasonal fundraising so the money spent for and during the tour goes right back into the Fort to keep it running through this difficult time.

Genesee Country Village & Museum

At Spirits of the Past: A Walk in the Dark, villagers will emerge to recount spine-tingling tales, or more ominously, simply lurk in the shadows and say nothing at all

When autumn shadows are long and the sun goes down, the historic Genesee Country Village & Museum cloaks itself in a old-time spooky atmosphere unlike any other! Grab an extra pair of undies and join them for their Spirits of the Past: A Walk in the Dark to really get in the true Halloween spirit!

This self-guided, completely-outdoor walking tour will wind you through the less-traveled Historic Village lanes. At night, even the villagers will surprise you with their creepier side by telling you spine-tingling tales. Beware! Body snatchers, grave diggers, witches, and prowlers are lurking about. Join them every weekend to October 24th. Learn more and buy advance tickets.

Becker Farms

Bring extra undies for Becker Farms’ Haunted Forest Drive-thru

Beware of the Becker Farms Haunted Forest Drive-thru detour on Quaker Road! Strange things have been known to happen on the lane that takes you through the forest that bypasses Becker Farms! The Haunted Forest Drive-thru is geared for ages starting as young as 7 years old.

This event will sell out, so don’t hesitate to get your tickets! Private campfires are also available (see details on event page). The Garden Market and Becker Brewing Company will be open until 10:00 p.m. for hot cider, donuts, baked goods and seasonal libations. After 5:00 p.m. there is no admission cost to be on the grounds, only to participate in the Drive Thru. Learn more.

Get Spooked While the Spookin’s Good

Halloween is a great time of year, it’s the one time of year where all judgments are thrown out the window. You want to dress up as a demon barber with fake meat pies? Go for it. Want to dress up as a zombie Mermaid? Be my guest. It’s a time where fear is used not only as a means of terror but as means of enjoyment. So, go out there and have fun (while following safety guidelines of course). Be free in knowing you can be whatever you want to be if you choose with no judgment, and try your best to get the bejesus thoroughly scared out of you. Happy Halloween!


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