Niagara County Community College is now offering Cannabis Courses. We have the info below!

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Cannabis Courses are now available at NCCC

With the growth of cannabis businesses across the nation comes more opportunities to work in this budding industry. Likewise, as the cannabis industry continues to expand here in Western New York, the demand for skilled workers in this field is increasing. Currently, the cannabis industry is estimated to employ more than 200,000 workers in the United States. New York has fostered a vibrant hemp industry in recent years with the primary market being hemp-based CBD products. As the market for hemp fiber continues to evolve, new regulatory changes expand medical marijuana, and with legal adult use of recreational marijuana on the horizon, the demand for workers skilled in the production of cannabis is expected to grow.  Due to this demand, Niagara County Community College now offers cannabis courses at their school of horticulture.

The Basic Info

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to share with our readers that Niagara County Community College (NCCC) is now cannabis courses on cannabis horticulture. Placing an emphasis on sustainable horticultural techniques, the latest scientific research and best management practices, the NCCC Horticulture program provides students with the knowledge, skills and field experience necessary to excel in their careers and build a greener community. Graduates of the Horticulture program with an emphasis in cannabis will be fully prepared for a variety of careers in the industry including as master growers, cultivators, propagators, pest management specialists, operations managers, post-harvest technicians, production managers, and quality control technicians.

Learn more about NCCC’s Horticulture Certificate and AAS Degree: Cannabis Curriculum

NCCC now offers the following cannabis classes: Biology of Cannabis, Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Pest Management, Cannabis Production, Greenhouse Management. Along with these cannabis courses, students will also become well versed in business management, plant biology and protection, soil science, and much more.

Additional information is available on NCCC’s Cannabis Curriculum page at,

Get in on a Growing Industry

Spending on Cannabis is expected to grow to more than $30 billion by 2022. If you are passionate about this new industry and want to get ahead of the curve, now is the time to consider a horticulture degree in the cannabis curriculum from NCCC. Moreover, The NCCC Horticulture program has a 100% job placement rate for graduates. It’s definitely a great start to any professional cannabis journey!

More Information

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