Who Doesn’t Love a Snow Day?

by Max Fisher

The snow day is alive and well in Buffalo Niagara

It’s a Snow Day!

An unexpected snow storm means the chances of a snow day are significantly increased, even if you regrettably still have to take that biology exam because they say the main roads are clear. If you’re staying home bored out of your mind because you can’t think of something to do. Hopefully, this’ll give you a few ideas!

Have a Snowball Fight or Make a Snowman

 It’s simple; and it’s classic! Put on your warm clothes (gloves too, packing snow with unprotected hands is murder after about 30 minutes, trust me on this,) get a few friends together, start packing snow and having fun, but be sure not to pack them too tight, and don’t break any windows.

If throwing cold pieces of the ground at your friends isn’t your idea of a good time. Then grab a carrot an old hat, two sticks and start rolling the snow! It’s best to have someone help you with this since once you get a giant ball of snow ready, it can be a pain to lift. Make sure you have three balls to represent the lower middle, and top parts of the body (no one likes an anatomically incorrect snowman). Place the sticks, and the hat add a facial expression if you’re feeling particularly artsy at the moment, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful snowman on your beautiful snow day.

Go Ice Skating

The ground is slippery enough as it is so you might as well take advantage and put some ice skates on instead of awkwardly sliding down every sidewalk. Canalside has a sizable outdoor Ice Rink with a lot of space, so even if you’re not a pro, you can take it slow and find other non-pros and have a good time gliding around the ice. If you ever get tired, you can always sit down, with a hot-cocoa in hand, and watch the pros pull off flips and jumps.

imagine the snow day fun you can have

Go to Your Local Library

Despite the common misconception, there’s a lot more to do at the library besides getting books. (What you think I was going to suggest you read? What do you think I am a mad man?) A lot of libraries have guest speakers to give lectures or unique pieces of preserved history or programs; for example, the Central Library has the Mark Twain Room consisting of some of Twain’s old furniture and manuscripts from when he briefly lived in Buffalo from 1869 to 1871. The Central Library also has a free program called Launch Pad, where you can learn about music production as well as record music. If none of that intrigues you, every library has a decent to relevantly large selection of films, (and believe it or not everything is on a streaming service yet). So maybe you’ll find some hidden gem you can watch with the family while you’re all snuggling under blankets.

When you live in Buffalo, you know one thing for sure, “snow will come.” So why not try and make the most of it? It’s here to stay so you might as well enjoy it if and when you get a snow day!