From massive stores that have whatever you want in one place, to a slew of great restaurants, Clarence truly has everything that would entice average Joe’s or the more sophisticated amongst us alike.

by Max Fisher

Discover some of the attractions of Clarence, NY – just a short drive away from downtown Buffalo

Discover Clarence, NY

The town of Clarence is named in honor of Prince William, Duke of Clarence and St Andrews (1765–1837). The third son of King George III, who later became king himself, as William IV. With a name steeped in totality like that, Clarence must have wonderful sights and sounds worthy for a king. So how about we explore what exactly this great town has to offer to those of royal blood, and the average Joe’s among us as well? Let’s get into it.

Antique World Market

Something for everyone at Antique World Market

With over 45 years of experience, Kelly Schultz is Western New York’s acknowledged authority on antiques, collectibles, and fine arts. As founder of Antique World and Flea Market in 1981, he has created one of the largest Antique Centers in the Western New York area with over 200 dealers and five shops open daily. Antique World’s Saturday and Sunday flea market brings hundreds of vendors together in one place to ensure that whatever you may need/want… chances are they’ll have it. From antique auctions, garage sales, and restorations, Antique World is truly your one-stop-shop for whatever you want in the world of antiques. So if you’re beyond tired of going from one place to another to take care of every small thing pertaining to the maintenance of antiques or wanting to see some new stuff from the past without traveling insane distances, head on over to Antique World where everything is in one place.

Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area

Peaceful vistas at Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area

Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area is a wet lowland with an emergent marsh, open water, grassy fields, a deciduous swamp, and hardwood forest, two hiking trails and a self-guided nature loop trail. Looking for a bit of a nature kick before winter hits? (Because you know when it does hit, the only nature your going to get a chance to experience for a good long while is Mr. Cold and his dear old friend Mr. Snow). Then check out Tillman Road Wildlife Management Area. It’s bound to be a good time for the nature lover you know as well as anyone just looking for a fun way to pass some time.

Asa Ransom House

Coziness at Asa Ransom House

Looking for a home away from home to recharge yourself and give yourself a bit of a break from the daily grind? If the answer is yes, (I know it’s not in good form to assume, but I thought it would be ok this one time) then you should give the Asa Ransom House a look. Luxurious lodging, fine dining, and a beautiful event space are just a few of the things you can find if you decide to stay at the Asa Ransom House! Some of the rooms you can choose from include The Joseph Ellicott, which has a king-size bed with a high canopy that proudly presides in this stately getaway. Enjoy a lovely view of the gazebo and front gardens and relax in the spacious bath. Or The Rebecca Hamlin, which is a popular choice for young couples. Decorated in blues and mauves, this romantic choice is dreamy with its canopy queen bed and private bath. A cozy fireplace completes the picture. Consider the renaissance, which is an a-dramatic suite with a carved mahogany king bed, a fireplace, private parlor with sofa bed, bathroom with heated towel bar, garden porch, and a picture window framing the pond and gardens. And that’s just naming a few of the rooms they have available. There are quite a few more.

However, no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to find the room of your choice to be unique and expertly built. But let’s not forget about the breakfast (I’d be amiss if I didn’t at least mention it). Enjoy your choice of a delightful entree each morning in the dining room of their charming country inn. Options include house-made quiche, French toast, and more. Their full country breakfast also includes fresh fruit, juice, and coffee or tea. Looking for a great place to relax and leave your troubles behind for a while, while eating a delicious gourmet breakfast every day of your stay? Look no further than the Asa Ransom House!

Penny Lane Café

Penny Lane Café

The perfect marriage between the cool atmosphere of a hip cafe and the raw energy only live music performance can give. Add to the mix some great food like the Fancy BLT – Bacon jam, Brie cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. How about the Magic Mushroom Panini – Portabella mushroom, roasted red pepper, Provolone cheese, and Siracha mayo. And what you’ll get after you mix all these ingredients together is The Penney Lane Cafe!

Kennedy’s Cove

Blackened steak and fries at Kennedy’s Cove

Kennedy’s Cove is home to the hand-cut blackened steak. With a welcoming atmosphere and unique charm, Dave Janicki serves the finest steak and seafood in hearty portions. In business for almost 40 years! Steaks are hand-cut to order at Kennedy’s Cove. Guests can order a filet or New York strip steak in any size they would like! So if you’re looking for a great steak and a good time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place than Kennedy’s Cove!

Attractions Just a Short Drive from Downtown Buffalo

If nothing else, this piece has surely shown that the sights and sounds the town of Clarence provides is worthy of a king or queen. From massive antique stores that cover everything from finding whatever you need/want in one place, to great Bed and Breakfasts that are so nicely designed to great steak spots that know exactly what they’re doing because they’ve been open for four generations, Clarence truly has everything that would entice those of royal blood and the average Joe’s amongst us alike.

So if any of these things mentioned in this piece have sparked your interest about visiting Clarence, my advice to you would be to act upon it and go. The stuff mentioned in the piece was interesting for sure, but I’m sure you could find other fun/interesting things to see and do if you go yourself, so happy travels!