Allow us to enlighten you on the grandiose, often stuff of legends, foods Buffalo Niagara. It is just waiting to change your entire existence and caloric intake.

by Max Fisher

Do you know these foods from Buffalo? Make sure you try these gastronomic originals from the Buffalo Niagara region

Besides, ya know, Buffalo Niagara being a pizza-lover’s Neverland (and possibly the pizza capitol of the country), we’ve got so many unique specialties it’ll make your head spin (no, it’s not just a sugar rush or carb crash). Yet while most Buffalonians take these regional delicacies for granted, visitors are mostly just going about their lives without ever having tried … Loganberry? Welp, allow us to enlighten you on the grandiose, often stuff of legends, foods from Buffalo Niagara. They are just waiting to change your entire existence and caloric intake.

Beef On Weck

The man himself cuddling a beef on weck at the famous Charlie the Butcher’s

 Can you get a more classic sandwich? (That was a rhetorical question because everyone knows you can’t!) Thinly sliced roast beef (cooked or raw either way it’s delicious do your thing!) on a toasted Kaiser roll and some salt with a bit of horseradish, and of course don’t forget the au jus spread, and you got yourself a sandwich that’s so good I’m going to have to stop writing about it because I’m getting hungry.

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Frank’s Hot Sauce – we “put that $#!t on everything!”

Speaking of sauces you can’t find anywhere but Buffalo, you’d be amiss if you didn’t mention Frank’s. This sauce has been burning the inside of people’s mouths for over 100 years now (it was officially introduced in 1920). It is the key ingredient to the world-famous Anchor Bar wings (Anchor Bar is basically ground zero for Buffalo Wings). If you need an extra kick to go with your meal, Frank’s the guy that you go to, plain and simple.

Sponge Candy

Exactly as the name suggests, sponge candy has a unique (though not necessarily spongey), and uniquely delicious, interior

Candy historians tend to be a bit nebulous about giving Buffalo its proper credit on this one because the sweet treat has been seen in many cultures throughout the years. Yet, people generally believe that sponge candy originated in Buffalo sometime in the 1940s. If you look at the simplicity in which it takes to make it, it surely looks like yet another Buffalo staple. Add Brown sugar or molasses with some sort of acid such as vinegar or baking soda, mix it all together, let science take its course, and boom, you have sponge candy. It’s got to have come from Buffalo because if there’s one thing Buffalonians know how to do is take something simple and make it spectacular (you’ve heard about our wings, right?)


Never heard of Loganberry soda? It’s a must-try

Yes Buffalo is home to a beloved soft drink too! Arriving on the scene in the late 80s (I’m talking about the drink. The fruit from which its name is derived from is a hybrid of the North American blackberry and the European raspberry, created in the 1800s). Loganberry was initially sold in beverage form at Crystal Beach theme park. When the park closed in 89, the beverage was such a hit that it continues to be a favorite to this very day — Logan Berries, a cultural touchstone for the citizens of Buffalo. When your mom or dad takes one sip, it might take them back to fond memories of Crystal Beach, while a sip from the son or daughter might just be a delicious local drink. Either way, Loganberry helps foster deeper bonds in families. Not bad for a soft drink.

Bison Dip

We’ve all been there with the Bison Dip. Some of us have never left

 This creamy, delicious onion dip you can only get courtesy of the Queen City. So if you want to give some to grandma in Florida, you better be ready to pay some shipping costs (or invite her for a stay so you guys can enjoy the dip; you know she’s always happy to see you, so this is a great excuse). Making people forget about double-dipping since 1931, Bison Dip has been the pride and joy of countless Bison and Bills watch parties over the years, and with ingredients like Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Milk, Cream, Salt, Dehydrated Onion and Parsley, it’s not hard to see why!

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs are a Buffalo summer essential

Yet another product of Buffalo you can only get in Buffalo, Sahlen’s Hot Dogs. These mouth-watering hotdogs are known to have people travel cross country just to have them on the grill. Grab yourself a Sahlen’s Hot Dog on a warm bun, and your liable to forget about whatever sporting event your watching and focus on savoring every possible bite until it’s all gone. Don’t worry. You’re a Buffalo local. You can always get more!

Weber’s Horseradish Mustard

In case of emergency, Weber’s Horseradish Mustard can generally be found in every fridge door in the Buffalo Niagara region. Or in some cases under pillows and inside bathroom cabinets

When you think Condiment King (you know, when you’re sitting around thinking about condiments), pretty sure Buffalo doesn’t spring to mind. But it should. Or at the very least, it be considered for the title. With a mustard that’s as out-of-this-world as Weber’s is under Buffalo’s belt, the proof for consideration is undoubtedly there. Founded in 1922 by Joseph Weber and John Heintz, which led to their eventual corporation Heintz & Weber Co., Weber’s finally got placed in stands soon after and was running strong, with its first initial seller being none other than the Broadway Market up until the 80s, where they hit a rough patch that threatened to close the business for good. But if you look inside the majority of Buffalonian’s fridges, you’ll see the mustard in there that goes on all the foods from Buffalo Niagara. So it’s literally easy to see that things worked out for the best.

Chiavetta’s BBQ Marinade

Great at home and great when used by BBQ professionals, Chivetta’s BBQ marinade has a unique tang that compliments many o’ meats

Yet another condiment to put along the already strong pantheon Buffalo has to offer, Chiavetta’s has been around for over 60 years providing the city with not just a great BBQ sauce that might make you spontaneously burst into tears after tasting it for the first time, but Chiavetta’s has also been arguably the cities leader in the BBQ game in general. What started with Thomas and Eleanor Chiavetta, two poultry farmers who learned about the wonders of BBQ through the Erie County Farm and Home Center in East Aurora, soon after tried their hand at it, and lo and behold, they had a raging success on their hands. By 1957, they were catering large gatherings and weddings, and by 1980 the masses in the city were clamoring so much for the taste of Chiavetta’s signature BBQ sauce they had to bottle it. Sixty-plus years in the game! True masters – you can’t give them any other name.

Chicken Wings (aka Buffalo Wings)

Chicken wings at Anchor Bar with another Buffalo staple and chicken wing must – blue cheese. No ranch here, people

Yes. Yes we did save the best for last. And in Buffalo, when you mention chicken wings, the first place that usually comes to mind is the Anchor Bar. What can I say that hasn’t already been said a thousand times about this Buffalo staple? The chicken wing phenomenon, created in 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo (as she concocted a snack for her son Dominic’s hungry friends while Dominic was tending bar at the now famous Anchor Bar), has spread across the globe.

Anchor Bar’s closely guarded secret recipe is what made Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar the proclaimed “Best Wings in the World.” The fact is that Buffalo made the world realize just how delicious the part of the chicken most people throw away really is? My guess is, you will now have to stop by Anchor Bar to see just how delicious these wings are for yourself. And while you’re at it, don’t neglect to try the several other wing joints in Buffalo Niagara, as so many restaurants have created their own chicken wing sauces (in every flavor imaginable) – you can now enjoy a smorgasbord of wing styles in the Buffalo area!

Food from Buffalo

Beef on Weck

Bison Dip

Chiavetta’s BBQ Marinade

Chicken Finger Subs

Chicken/Buffalo Wings

Cup and Char Pepperoni Buffalo Pizza

Fish Fry

Frank’s RedHot Sauce

Loganberry Soda

Mighty Taco

Peanut Stick Doughnuts

Philly Cheese Steak (jk)

Pizza Logs

Rooties Blue Cheese

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs

Spaghetti Parmesan

Sponge Candy

Stinger Subs (Steak and Chicken Finger)

Weber’s Horseradish Mustard

What do you think of our list of foods from Buffalo Niagara? Know a great one that we missed? Have a favorite? Let us know.