Florists are like mad scientists. They know the secret sauce of creating beautiful horticultural arrangements that speak to the soul of very specific occasions. There are so many florists in Buffalo Niagara to choose from, and we have put together the definitive list.

by Max Fisher

Ingenius blossom beheading bud brandishers, those florists are

Happiness Guaranteed

What is it about giving flowers that leaves both the giver and the receiver feeling good after the deed is done? I’m not a botanist or a psychologist, but my best guess would be that it’s the mere act of holding something so beautiful and colorful. Like a rose or a sunflower, and absorbing those warm colors while admiring the inherent beauty has a subconscious effect of putting a little bit more pep in your step. Seeing something so lively and resilient (make no mistake, Mother Nature’s domain is a brutal, unforgiving place, in slow motion. So, any flowers you hold in your hands are like nature’s discharged soldiers) in turn can completely rejuvenate your day.

Add in the simple pleasure one feels from giving someone something and you’ve got a formula for happiness. Or, at least a means to make two people smile, and since we could all use a few more reasons to smile nowadays, let’s talk about what makes up some of great florists in Buffalo Niagara (I’m sorry dear reader, in most cases, the best flowers don’t come from your garden, it’s true). Hopefully our list of florists in Buffalo Niagara will get give you inspiration to recreate that feeling with someone special!

Every Florist is Unique

One may think being a florist is an easy job, but it’s not. Every florist, on some level, is a botanist. They know what flowers grow in what conditions and which ones don’t. They understand what flowers to use for what occasions. A good florist has more than just a green thumb and some bouquets. If they’re really a pro, it’s like they’re a bit of a scientist with the calendar awareness of a weatherman and the organizational skills of an accountant wrapped into one.

This isn’t hyperbole either. Think to yourself for a moment now, how many times did a florist save you? And I do mean to use the word save. How many times did you have a tiff with your partner, and the only way for you to crack the door even a smidge open for reconciliation was some flowers because flowers can be that door stopper that allows your partner to give you some space to say your peace. How many times have you just brought flowers to someone’s house gathering, and 9 out of 10 times, the host is happier about the flowers than the fruit salad someone else brought. Flowers are always a great gift in any circumstance. Be the hero of that next party utilizing one of the many great florists in Buffalo Niagara.

Tailored arraignments from a local florist can make any occasion a different level of special

How many times did flowers play a subtle but significant role in you getting serious with your partner? Flowers are highly versatile. They can range in meaning from wanting to commit fully to just showing plain old love. It just depends on what flowers you pick.

There are many florists in Buffalo Niagara, all differing slightly in what they carry. It’s never a one-stop-shop, but every time you walk in the door and smell the roses (wink, because what florist doesn’t have roses?) it’s an opportunity for discovery.

The All-Important Personal Touch

Think of it like this. You walk in. You tell the fine gentleman or lady at the front that you need flowers. Then they proceed (if they’re good at their job) to ask you a few questions ranging from “what’s the intent of these flowers” to “what colors would you like?” You’re not going to play a round of 20 questions, but if he or she is worth their salt, they’ll try to make every job custom, because not just any flower will do for just any occasion. You have to look at several different factors for the best possible results and since a good florist is essentially the Swiss Army knife of problem solving when it comes to these wonderful seasonal bloomers, the local florists in Buffalo Niagara are always the best places to go.

There still might be some reading this saying, “I don’t need to pay ‘x’ amount of dollars for flowers I can just pick them up where I find them.” In response, firstly I’d like to say that’s stealing. Secondly, not to put too fine a point on it, but you’re missing the point. You go to the florist, yes for the flowers, but you go for the expertise beyond that. You don’t go out looking by searching the streets for car parts when your car isn’t working correctly. The same principle applies. You want someone with a genuine green thumb to take care of your floral needs.

Supermarket flowers can’t compare to arrangement choosen with care from a local florist

Sure, you can go to the grocery store, grab a random bouquet, slap it down on the checkout counter and call it a day, but that’s an incredibly impersonal way to go about it. And rest assured for whatever reason you bought those flowers, somewhere inside the person you’re giving those to knows it. Because flowers literally by nature are pure creations, in other words, one of the most genuine things you can find on earth, so when you slapdash a few together, a bit of that natural genuineness gets eroded, and everyone can tell. So, skip the imitators, keep it genuine and go to the fine florists in Buffalo Niagara to make sure the flowers you pick send the right message you want!

So, whether you want to go to one of the great florists in Buffalo Niagara to send a message ranging from “I’m sorry” to “I love you more than the monetary strain these four dozen roses have put on my bank account”, make sure you have a clear idea in mind because although a good florist is a great many things, I have yet to find one that’s a mind reader.

Florists in Buffalo Niagara

choose any florist to see store info, get directions, & more.
Abby’s Loft Florist

2530 Niagara Falls Blvd. #100 Niagara Falls

American Beauty Florist

9800 Transit Rd. East Amherst

Amigone Floral Design

2600 Sheridan Dr. Tonawanda

April Spencer Floral Design

2184 Seneca St. Buffalo


202 Rhode Island St. Buffalo

Brighton Eggert Florist

2819 Eggert Rd. Tonawanda

Corner Florist

2067 Seneca St. Buffalo

Country Florist

4414 Clinton St. West Seneca
Delavan Ave. Wholesale Florist
1227 Delavan Ave. Buffalo

Diane’s Floral

3445 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda

Elaine’s Flower Shoppe

295 Main St. Buffalo
5100 Transit Rd. Depew

Enchanted Florist

739 Center St. Lewiston
2448 Military Rd. Niagara Falls

Englewood Flower Shop

958 Englewood Ave. Buffalo

Evergreen Floral

7620 Buffalo Ave. Niagara Falls

Expressions Floral & Gift Shop

59 Main St. Hamburg

Fancy Florists

853 Niagara Falls Blvd. Amherst

Fern Croft Floral

291 Bryant St. Buffalo

Floral Accents

877 Payne Ave. North Tonawanda

Flower A Day – Flower Shop

2119 Grand Island Blvd. Grand Island

Flowers By Johnny

2803 Delaware Ave. Buffalo

Flowers By Nature

82 Elm St. East Aurora

Gould’s Flowers & Gifts

83 Locust St. Lockport

Graser’s Florist

3763 Delaware Ave. Buffalo
399 Amherst St. Buffalo

Hahn’s Pallister House

6514 Wick Rd. Lockport

Hess Brothers Florist

28 Main St. Hamburg

Lorbeer Flower Shoppe

723 Sheridan Drive. Tonawanda

Maureen’s Buffalo Wholesale Flower Market

441 Ellcott St. Buffalo

Michael’s Floral Design

2910 Delaware Ave. Buffalo

Mischler’s Florist And Greenhouses

118 S Forest Rd. Williamsville

North Park Florist

1514 Hertel Ave. Buffalo

Petals to Please and More Inc.

5870 Broadway Lancaster

Petrichor Flora

44c Brayton St. Buffalo

Piccirillos Florist

2508 Niagara St. Niagara Falls

Plant Place and Flower Basket

1061 Niagara Falls Blvd. Amherst

Premier Wholesale Florist Inc.

1500 Clinton St. #157 Buffalo

Savilles Country Florist

4020 N Buffalo Rd. Orchard Park

Sherwood Florist

458 Oliver St. North Tonawanda

South End Floral

218 Abbott Rd. Buffalo

St John’s Flower Shop

1227 E Delavan Ave. Buffalo

Town And Country Florist

8495 Sheridan Dr. Williamsville

Treichler’s Florist

5668 Townline Rd. Sanborn

Trillium’s Courtyard Florist

2195 Kensington Ave. Amherst

Wildroot Floral

1250 Niagara St. Buffalo

William’s Florist and Gift Shop

1425 Union Rd. West Seneca

Woyshner’s Flower Shop

910 Ridge Rd. Lackawanna

What do you think of our list of florists in Buffalo Niagara? Did we miss your favorite? Have any other stores to add? Let us know.