Thanksgiving is almost here, and with just a little extra effort you’ll see there’s actually quite a bit to be thankful for in 2020.

by Max Fisher

2020 is an unusual year, but there’s still plenty to be thankful for in our own backyard. Max Fischer lets us know a few things he’s thankful for in 2020

Time to state the obvious; it’s been a crazy year. So much so, it’s become much too easy to simply focus your attention on the seemingly endless wave of negativity. But Thanksgiving is almost here, and with just a little extra effort you’ll see there’s actually quite a bit to be thankful for.

Bagels (yes, bagels)

Admittedly … we have a bagel problem. Especially when it comes to Bagel Jay’s

Who doesn’t love a freshly toasted bagel in the morning? (If you can find someone who doesn’t I certainly don’t want to meet them.) To my surprise Bagel Jay’s has been open all year, and thus is considered an essential business, and after racking my brain of this fact, I can confidently say why this is (or at least partly). People need something to get them going in the morning, even if it’s just a bagel and some coffee. Bagel Jay’s been serving the people of Buffalo Niagara since 1976 with their wide variety of freshly made bagels, as well as homemade cream cheeses, among other things. in normal times any one of their three locations is nothing short of a meeting hub for friends and family, and all though the meeting place aspect is M.I.A for the foreseeable future, the delicious food made by this resilient locally-owned business still persists bringing people together through the simple fact that we all need something to get us going. I don’t know about you but that brings a smile to my face.

Comfort Food

Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe is the definition of comfort food, and has won multiple “Best of …” awards over the years to prove it

In my eyes you can’t get a more reputable staple of Italian cuisine in Buffalo Niagara then Romeo and Juliet’s (I am admittedly bias, I think they make the best pizza in the city. And they have won competitions). Since 1998 the fine folks of this establishment have been making great Italian food that’ll have you postponing your trip to Italy. Whether it is classics like Pasta And Meatballs or a delicious Margherita Pizza, rest assured that whatever you decide to order at Romeo and Juliet’s will be prepared with care and authenticity, and don’t get me started on the baked goods!


North Park Theatre remains a Buffalo staple that many of us are thankful for this year

If you’ve read a few of my pieces, you’d know I have an affinity for the North Park Theatre, and the more I think about it, the more important this place becomes. With the big theatre chains closed for the foreseeable future, I find it rather precious that the only traditional theatre open to the public, is a locally-owned, locally-operated historical theatre like North Park Theatre. I seem to say it quite a bit, but bear with me, movies are important, they provide a wonderful/healthy means of escapism, so if you wish to support the literally only running theatre in the city (that may not be the case if we go into another shutdown) for the time being, please consider going to a show, or getting something from their virtual cinema program.

Turkey, duh!

Thank you, Tom the Turkey, for your gift of (hopefully) crispy skin, white and dark meat, and gravy with enough salt

Are you uncertain of what to make for Thanksgiving? Why not skip all the hassle of preparation and just worry about eating too much Turkey and stuffing? Why not just order your Thanksgiving dinner from Eagle House Restaurant? Preorder a delicious Thanksgiving feast by November 21st at 5 P.M and rest assured that when you pick it up the Turkey will be delicious the pumpkin pie will make you feel the full extent of the festive feels. Anything else you order will make you glad you skipped all that stressful holiday busy work, and just got into enjoying the food thanks to Eagle House Restaurant!

What It’s All About

Thanksgivings is about appreciating the little things, fresh bagels, being able to go to the movies, enjoying a nice pizza from time to time, mounds of leftovers. In times like these the little things become extra important, so as you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving meal during this holiday, remember to be grateful of whom you’re sharing the meal with as well as all the small things that help establish some much-needed normalcy in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!


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