It’s getting colder and the leaves are starting to gracefully glide down to the ground, which means Fall is indeed amongst us. With the new season comes a host of Fall activities that will get you out of the house and safely participating in some outdoor autumn fun!

by Max Fisher

Fall is a beautiful time of year; no events in the world can change that, because it’s just an undeniable fact

Here, let’s try something. When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Halloween? Charlie Brown maybe? If you thought of either of the first two you were very close, but I was thinking of pumpkins! That universally loved squash is pretty much the poster child for the season. If you have your own poster child for the season that’s fine too, all ideas are welcome here. And with Halloween just around the corner now would be a good chance to get a pumpkin (if only to practice your carving skills before Halloween, because let’s be honest you’re a bit rusty).

The Great Pumpkin Farm

That’s where The Great Pumpkin Farm comes in. With it’s variety of activities (all following Covid guidelines), ranging from the 5-Acre Cornmaze, where participants not only have to make their way through but solve a mystery as well, to the farm’s haunted house charmingly named the Boo Barn, or maybe you have an odd hankering to act like an old timey prospector? If that’s the case, pan for gemstones and learn a little something during the process.

The Great Pumpkin Farm has everything from hayrides to fresh-baked cookies and cider

Now its a given that The Great Pumpkin Farm has a great selection of pumpkins ranging in any size, height, or weight you desire (they’ve been in business since 1996 so they know how to handle a pumpkin at any stage). But did you know that The Great Pumpkin Farm is essentially its own small pumpkin themed town? There’s The Halloween Store where customers can buy handmade crafts and  decorations with an old-time appeal. There’s The Witches Brew Bar, which serves bar food along with draft & craft beer, wine & specialty Halloween drinks. There’s The Bakery and Candy Store hosting all kinds of pumpkin treats and homemade pies, and finally cider and donuts (which is pretty self-explanatory). So if you’re one of those people that wants a little more pumpkin in their life besides the yearly pumpkin spice latte, head over to The Great Pumpkin Farm! They’re open daily from September 19th thru November 1st, 2020 Daily, from 10:00 a.m. to dusk).

Hike at Niagara Gorge

Get that cardio in the brisk Fall air at Niagara Gorge

Are you looking for a fun way this Fall to get some cardio in and get that heart rate moving a bit? Then why not go hiking at the Niagara Gorge? There are trails for experienced hikers as well as novices, so everyone can get a workout in while taking in the wonderful sights. If you’re not in the mood to hike and your thirst for knowledge outweighs your thirst to exercise, then checkout The Discovery Center, which features information on the natural and local history of the Niagara Gorge, with hands-on interactive displays, a 180° multi-screen theater experience, and a towering rock climbing wall, with fossils and geological formations. So whether you’re in the mood to work your body or your mind or a bit of both, the Niagara Gorge has you covered.

“Fall is a beautiful time of year; no events in the world can change that, because it’s just an undeniable fact.”

Mum’s the Word at the Botanical Gardens

The ever-popular Botanical Gardens Mum Exhibit reaches its 120th anniversary this year

The Botanical Gardens Mum exhibit (running from October 3rd to November 1st) is the Botanical Gardens’ oldest flower exhibit, and this is its 120th anniversary. The Chrysanthemum is the star of the show; come see its color and eye-opening beauty. Although Covid guidelines have caused the exhibit to minimize a bit, expect some Halloween surprises while your there.

Walk Off Hunger Week

How many events are there, like Walk Off Hunger Week, that you can say you participated in where the act of burning calories was a means to get some one fed?

Walk Off Hunger Week runs from October 3–10. Due to the current circumstances Walk Off Hunger Week has been modified. You can now participate by going to a number of meeting groups all utilizing social distancing if you wish to walk with others, or you can download a route and walk (or jog, or run) by yourself if that’s what you prefer. General registration for Walk Off Hunger Week is $25 and groups of 4 or more can register for $20 each. Participants under the age of 15 are free. Registered participants get access to the online auction, a reusable tote bag, mask, bottled water, and hand sanitizer. So if your looking to do some walking, jogging or running for a good cause, Walk Off Hunger Week might be right up your ally. Plus how many events can you say you participated in where the act of burning calories was a means to get some one fed? It’s kind of poetic if you think about it.

OK, One Thing To Do Indoors: The North Park Theatre Virtual Cinema

The sheer amount of choice available with The North Park Theatre Virtual Cinema service is truly impressive, so if you’re in the mood to watch something a bit off-the-beaten-path check it out

I’m going to come clean… I love movies! Shocking I know, but it is through this love that I feel emboldened to mention yet again that The North Park Theatre has a Virtual Cinema that could use your support. They’re showing some critically acclaimed documentaries at the moment like “Feels Good Man” the story of how one’s intellectual property can be easily taken and reshaped into anything as a byproduct of the digital age. Along with fresh foreign films like “GOD OF THE PIANO” Which tells the story of one mother’s arduous journey to make her son a bonafide prodigy. The sheer amount of choice with The North Park Theatre Virtual Cinema is truly impressive, so if you’re in the mood to watch something a bit off-the-beaten-path, check out the service. Every movie you rent helps the theatre a bit and for that you have my personal thanks.

Indoors, outdoors … either way it’s a beautiful time of year

Fall is a beautiful time of year; no events in the world can change that, because it’s just an undeniable fact. So, if your first instinct is to just stay home and drink hot chocolate under a sea of warm blankets take a moment to rediscover that there’s still fun to be had outside, and like the changing of the leaves this predicament will pass as well. If spring teaches us anything it’s that everything runs its course, some leaves hang in the air longer than others, but they all hit the ground eventually. So try and have fun, the hot chocolate will still be there when you get home.


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