Zip lines, silo climbing, rope courses, escape rooms, kayaking, the only curling spot in Buffalo, and the world’s largest Labatt Blue six-pack – how dare you ask for more. Buffalo RiverWorks has got fun not just for days, but for all 4 seasons. Learn more about what they’ve got to offer.

by Alex Monterville

Nailed it: Buffalo RiverWorks has you covered year round, with exciting events, recreational sports & great food all in one place

Buffalo RiverWorks literally made something from nothing. Opening in 2014, they managed to turn a long-abandoned Rust Belt industrial site into Buffalo Niagara’s household name for THE go-to spot for year-round fun and entertainment, only in a few year’s time. From uber-fun recreational sports to great food, learn more below about everything that Buffalo RiverWorks has to offer.

Warm Weather Fun

You Must Zip It At Buffalo RiverWorks, their 4 zipline courses whiz you between the grain silos 110 feet in the air. Don’t be scurred as you race family and friends on the last zip, after falling from the Indiana Jones rope bridge and into a sharks mouth. You can book the zipline course here.

Kayakin’ and the Livin’ is Easy One of the most popular attractions at Buffalo RiverWorks in the warmer months is renting a kayak and hitting the Buffalo River. Rentals are first come first serve 7 days a week, and Buffalo RiverWorks has both 1 and 2 person kayaks. If you have a group of 10+ reservations are required. Check it out.

Warm weather fun at. Top: in ya go. You’ll enter those chompers on course 3 of 4 of the Buffalo RiverWorks zipline courses. Bottom: as you like it. Kayaking at Buffalo RiverWorks. Leisurely explore the city from a different view. Or bet your friends that you’ll crush them in a race.

Rock Climbing If you’ve ever dreamt about scaling the walls of and conquering giant grain silos, Buffalo RiverWorks has officially made your dreams come true. With 3 different rock climbing skill levels available, maxing out at 50 feet, novices and or seasoned grain silo climbing experts alike can enjoy this rock climbing challenge. Learn more.

We’ve Got High Ropes Get your hands dirty and face your fear of heights at the Buffalo RiverWorks High Ropes Course. There are two levels, and if you master both then you will zipline your hardy fanny to the finish line, arms akimbo. Open rain or shine, 7 days a week. The course lasts approximately 1 hour. Don’t miss your chance!

Cold Weather Fun

Besides a copious amount of other winter activities, Buffalo RiverWorks allows you to rent out an entire ice rink and has regular curling events during the colder months

Ice Rink Rental: Rent out Buffalo RiverWorks’ 185’x85’ outdoor ice rink for parties, games, or practices. The rink is under a massive pavilion style roof and operates in all weather throughout the winter season. Ice is $200 per hour and can be rented in 30 minute increments.

Curling eh?: if like the rest of us you thought curling was a funny-looking “sport” that only occurred North of the border – think again. If you haven’t already, this winter you definitely need to get to Buffalo RiverWorks to enjoy their awesome curling experience! They have 5 regulation length sheets (think of them as bowling lanes) on their outdoor ice rink which is covered by a massive pavilion roof. That means you can curl til you can curl no more even  in inclement weather. Great for corporate team-building, a night out with friends, or a great day of family fun. They also give a brief instructional session for the beginners out there so everyone can throw stones like the pros. Maximum 8 participants per sheet (4vs4). Please come dressed for the outdoor temperatures! Learn more.

Just the Tip of the Proverbial Iceberg

RiverWorks is home to dozens of events throughout the year

Everything that we mentioned above barely scratches the surface of what Buffalo RiverWorks has to offer and has going on. Home of concerts, trade shows, art shows, cultural events, the City Roller Derby Girls, and many sports leagues, you really need to experience Buffalo RiverWorks for yourself to get a good, heart-felt whiff of the buzz that surrounds this hub of Buffalo Niagara activity. A full service restaurant, a micro brewery and distillery, host of dozens of events throughout the yearBuffalo RiverWorks truly is a major force in the ongoing Buffalo Renaissance and we look forward to seeing it’s booming growth continue in the next few years. Salut!


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