There is nothing that brings family and friends closer together like good comfort food. Lucky for us, Buffalo Niagara knows how to deliver!

by Meg Bennett

Buffalo Niagara is a comfort food haven for foodies from all over the map

When you think of our region, what food comes to mind? Is it our spicy wings, beef on weck, or fried donuts? What is your favorite mouthwatering local dish?

We have taken the liberty of rounding up a few of our own personal favorites. These are the kinds of food that get us through frigid lake-effect winters, long drought seasons of our beloved sports teams, and the grueling nine-to-five workday. These dishes are also the ones that help us connect with our loved ones, because good conversations often happen when we slow down and break bread with each other.

Without further ado, here is our unapologetic list of the best comfort foods around, courtesy of some of the best places to dine in the region:

Mac ‘n Cheese at Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill

No matter your age, macaroni and cheese will always have a place at the table! Tonight, skip all of the cooking and head over to Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill, where you will find all of the creamy goodness you were hoping for! Make it extra special with your choice of hearty toppings: stuffed banana peppers, smoked bacon, barbecue pulled pork, or buffalo chicken! Your childhood favorite just got a whole lot tastier!

Located at 189 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. For more information, please call 716-240-9392. The full menu can be found at

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes from Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More

There is nothing more wholesome than fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes on a cold day. Sure, you can find mashed potatoes on almost every steakhouse’s menu, but these ones can come with a quality Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More steak! Russell Salvatore himself inspects every single piece of meat that enters his kitchen – and if the food doesn’t meet his high standards, it doesn’t touch the customer’s plate!

Located at 6675 Transit Road in Buffalo. Visit for more information.

Clockwise from top left, amazing Buffalo Niagara comfort food: mac ‘n cheese; roast beef sandwich with gravy; chicken pot pie from Eagle House Restaurant; mashed potatoes and steak from Russell’s

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich from Wellington Pub

Sink your teeth into this thinly-sliced, gravy-soaked angus beef on fresh white bread. Wellington Pub has friendly staff in a neighborhood atmosphere, as well as a wide assortment of bar food favorites if roast beef isn’t your favorite dish. Don’t forget to round off your meal with one of their fifteen rotating beer taps!

Located at 1541 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo. Visit to learn more.

Baked Ziti from Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen

Feeling under the weather lately? Then treat yourself to a hearty bowl of steaming pasta with tangy, garlicky pomodoro sauce, creamy ricotta cheese and melted mozzarella. Don’t forget to add the meatball! Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen’s meatballs are the best because they are the perfect blend of pork, veal and beef. They might not cure your head cold- but they sure are comforting!

Located at 800 Center Street in Lewiston. Visit for a look at the full menu.

Frozen Custard from Anderson’s

Summer might feel like a million miles away from us right now, but lucky for us, Anderson’s continues to sell their smooth frozen custard all year long! Stop in for a signature cone or a nice, big bowl of their handmade hard ice cream. No worries about the weather – come inside and enjoy their heated dining area!

Visit for a complete list of locations.

Chicken Pot Pie from The Eagle House Restaurant

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It gets us reminiscing about simpler times…times when we were happiest. Many of us grew up on homemade chicken pot pie. The recipe might be different from what you remember, but you can still take a trip down memory lane with Eagle House Restaurant’s famous piping hot dish, made with flaky french puff pastry. Is it better than Mom’s? We will let you decide.

Located at 5578 Main Street in Williamsville. Visit to learn more.

Have a sweet tooth to satisfy? Village Bake Shoppe’s Mile High Apple Streusel Pie with Caramel & Walnuts is sure to hit the spot

Goulash from Adam’s Rib

This robust dish from Adam’s Rib Restaurant is made of burger freshly ground in-house and a chunky sauce filled with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Enjoy with a helping of garlic toast as well as soup or salad. Do not forget to try one of their unique hot liquors or coffees. A warm, happy belly can make all the difference in a day!

Located at 4517 Main Street in Snyder. Visit for more information.

Apple Pie from the Village Bake Shoppe

Although this wonderful bakery has a huge assortment of both fruit and cream pies, apple pie will always hold a special place in our hearts! Village Bake Shoppe’s apple pies are made from the freshest ingredients- including locally grown apples. Got a special dietary need? No problem! Because their pies are always made from scratch, they are always happy to accommodate requests: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and more!

Located at 417 Center Street in Lewiston. To learn more, please visit

Peanut Stix from DiCamillo’s

These donuts from DiCamillo Bakery are so sweet and crunchy, it is no wonder Buffalo denizens are going crazy over them! They are carefully fried to perfection, coated in a honey glaze, and then rolled into finely-chopped peanut pieces. They are so popular that visitors often ask that they be shipped out-of-state! Come on over and see what all of the fuss is about.

For a complete list of locations and more, visit

Bon Appetit!

Now that you have gotten our take on local grub, which place will you visit next? Which ones have you already tried? We would love to know! And spread the word to help more people get a taste of the good life.


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