Valentine’s Day Desserts to Make you Fall in Love

Every February 14th star-struck lovers celebrate each other with sweet treats. And this Valentine’s Day should be no exception.So even though some people claim Valentine’s Day is a ‘Hallmark Holiday” we embrace any excuse to indulge in desserts! Below you’ll find seven places to savor the flavor in the 716 this Valentine’s Day.

Pastry By Camille

A Raspberry Tart from Pastry By Camille will warm even the coldest hearts. Single and salty? Try the Sea Salt Caramel Macaron. You’re bound to fall for it all at Pastry by Camille because it’s all just so good! Maybe you’ll even get a French kiss after you have your French dessert! Afterall, the French definitely know how to make a mean dessert and how to embrace the romance in life.

Raspberry Tart from Pastry by Camille.

The Banoffee pie from Ristorante Lombardo is the perfect way to end a romantic date.

Ristorante Lombardo

We all know that Ristorante Lombardo is a great spot for a delicious and romantic meal for Valentine’s Day or any day. But we want you to know that they’re Banoffee Pie is something you need to try.  This Banana cream pie comes with house-made toffee, a graham cracker crust, and is topped with chocolate shavings. We’re sure you and your love will find it to be very a-peel-ing.

The Village Bake Shoppe

If you’re looking for a wow-factor with your Valentine’s Day dessert check out the Chocolate Wow Cupcakes from The Village Bake Shoppe. These chocolate cupcakes have chocolate mousse filling topped with chocolate buttercream and are the perfect way to get on any chocolate lover’s good side.

The Chocolate Wow Cupcakes from The Village Bake Shoppe.

Wine and chocolate from Black Willow Winery.

Black Willow Winery

Are you and your love a match made in heaven? Well if so, then you should sample another perfect pair with a chocolate and wine pairing at Black Willow Winery. Their amazing wine paired with chocolate from Norman Love Confections are the perfect way to celebrate you and your significant other.

The Chocolate Bar

You and your boo can enjoy a little chocolate fondue at The Chocolate Bar. Because nothing says romance like dipping delicious treats in melted chocolate and feeding them to one another! With it’s close proximity to Buffalo’s Theatre District it’s also the perfect romantic pitstop for after the show.

Don’t mind if I fondue at the Chocolate Bar.

Heart-shaped cookies from DiCamillo Bakery will have you falling in love.

DiCamillo Bakery

At DiCamillo Bakery they have plenty of romantic treats for Valentine’s Day. It can be hard to choose but luckily they’ve been making sweet treats for decades so you are in good hands no matter what you fancy. Our favorite treat for Valentine’s Day is their heart-shaped cookies. They’re perfect for anyone you love!

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

If you don’t know by now, chocolate is for lovers. That’s why the Chocolate Lovers’ Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream Cake from Anderson’s Frozen Custard is one of our go-to desserts for Valentine’s Day. Some people say you can’t eat ice cream in the winter but those people are just wrong! What we also love about this cake is that Anderson’s will ship it to your long-distance lover (or anyone) with free shipping. So it’s the perfect dessert to send to someone you love who might live far away.

Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream Cake from Anderson’s Frozen Custard.

Go Try Some Valentine’s Day Desserts!

So while diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, dessert is definitely her secret crush. And we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So no matter who you love this Valentine’s Day we just hope you treat them to something as sweet as they make you feel. Think you know of a better dessert to fall in love with? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Looking for more fun date ideas? Check out our Events Page.