Holiday Gift Guide 2018

‘Tis the season of giving! And while time and love are the most important gifts, we know the pressure can be on this time of year to buy some great gifts, too. But don’t worry, our Holiday Gift Guide will give you some solid ideas to inspire the best holiday gifts for every person on your list.

Grandma and Grandpa

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandparents around for the holidays, you should probably do something special for them to show them that you care. Instead of buying them a material item, why not spend quality time with nana and papa this year? After all, time is the most precious gift of all! Especially for our elderly family members. Take gram and gramps to the Buffalo History Museum. Ask them questions as you explore the exhibits and I bet you’ll find out about some of their history, too.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones at the Buffalo History Museum this winter.

Give the gift of pampering from Excuria Salon and Spa.


What to get for the lady that has given you so much? How about a relaxing afternoon of being treated and pampered at Excuria Salon and Spa?! Moms spend so much time catering to everyone else’s needs, so let mom sit back, relax, and enjoy some relaxation and pampering for the afternoon. We’d recommend a gift card so mom can decide what she’d like to have done! Whether she wants a mani/pedi, a facial, or a relaxing hot stone massage, we know she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and flexibility of a gift certificate. We’re not saying a gif certificate to Excuria will make you your mom’s favorite but it can’t hurt! (Excuria has a gift card promo where you’ll get a free $20.00 bonus card added to every $100 worth of gift certificates purchased. Now that really is the gift that keeps on giving!)


Make up for all those horrible gifts you made dad at school as a kid by getting him something he’ll really like this year. Take him to Big Ditch before a Sabres game. He’ll love the cool atmosphere, craft beer, and delicious food at Big Ditch. You can find ticket information for the Sabres here. Stop by the gift shop at Big Ditch on your way out for a souvenir to keep forever. We’d think matching t-shirts would be pretty cool!

Tell your dad he can pick out anything he wants from the Big Ditch shop.

This cozy sweater from Half & Half Boutique would make for a lovely gift for your sis!


Sisters are our first friends. So don’t get your first friend a crappy gift! Get her something stylish and cute. After all, you might just want to borrow it someday! Half & Half Boutique has perfect gift ideas for your sis. So whether her style is edgy or sophisticated, Half & Half Boutique has something for every kind of fashionista. And who knows maybe if you’re nice your sis will let you borrow whatever you buy her!


The best gifts are gifts that someone wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. So this year treat your brother to something nice from Napoli’s Per La Moda. Their website is super useful when it comes to buying gifts because they have different sections of suggestions for different price ranges. You can see their gift ideas here. We think these Hugo Boss leather slippers are pretty nice. And we’re sure your brother would, too.

Slippers to warm the feet and the heart from Napoli’s Per La Moda.

‘Tis the SEAson at Aquarium of Niagara.


Whether you’re looking for your own kids or other kiddos in your family, there’s one place all kids love; The Aquarium of Niagara. See penguins, seals and sea lions as you spend some quality time with the little ones in your life. Take them to the ‘Tis the SEAson event at the Aquarium on December 15th and 16th. Santa Claus will be there and you should be, too! There will also be a make your own Hot Chocolate Bar with a holiday cookie. Santa, hot chocolate, and cute sea animals? What could be better?! You can find more information on the ‘Tis the SEAson event here.


Babies are super easy to shop for because if they hate what you get them they have no way of telling you. Since they probably already have everything they need we recommend a super adorable outfit from Pumpkin’s Fine Children Clothing. After all, you’re never too young to start dressing well. The helpful staff at Pumpkin’s will guide you in the right direction for the little ones on your list.

Give the gift of style to all the babies in your life with a little help from Pumpkin’s Children Clothing!

Add a little delight to your afternoon at Ristorante Lombardo!

Significant Other

Shopping for a gift for your boo can be a little tricky. We think it’d be fun if you surprised them at work and took them out to lunch! Better yet, skip work altogether and plan a day to both play hookey. You’ll feel like Ferris Bueller on his day off. And doing something exhilarating, like calling in sick, can bring you and your bae closer together. What to do with your freedom for the day? Head to Ristorante Lombardo for their holiday lunches. After lunch, go see a movie at North Park Theatre since you’ll already be on Hertel Ave. You’ll feel like a teenager again and your significant other will never forget the wonderful day you spent together! Did someone say,”best gift idea ever?”


So while gift giving can be a bit stressful, and every loved one brings their own unique needs to the table, we hope that these suggestions will guide you in the right direction. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? And remember, your friends and family really just love you so anything you get will be considered thoughtful and I’m sure will be appreciated.