Tourism in the  is on a rapid rise and Welcome 716 is loving it.  What’s going on in our region is the proof.  Locals are excited to be Buffalonian’s for the first time in decades.  The vibe is shifting from negative to positive.  We are finally transforming into the Waterfront city that we all dreamed of but never thought would be a reality. So get ready to Enjoy Niagara Region and Buffalo’s Waterfront while it’s on a rapid rise!

Erie County

the grand opening of the Harbor Center’s 2 NHL sized hockey rinks stacked on top of one another and a one-of-a-kind Timmy Ho’s cemented Buffalo Niagara’s resurgence. No detail was spared and their Tim Hortons is no exception paying tribute to Buffalo throughout the store. The  restaurant houses a 38ft. wide screen visible from 2 floors creating a unique viewing experience for all sports fans. 135 bar stools will surround the “ice” bar top that replicates the ice in a hockey rink. The menu lives up the “716” name offering all the Buffalo classics like wings, stuffed banana peppers, & beef on weck.

Niagara County

The best way to Enjoy Niagara Region is to take a visit to Niagara County itself so you can really take it in. Change spans further than the city of Buffalo as the residents of  are improving too.    just completed an expansion making it one the largest in the country.    The  just opened a new exhibit for their colony of Humboldt Penguins so it’s not to be missed. The state of the art exhibit will enable exciting new programming and interactive features while exceeding industry standards.

There is so much to look forward to and this brings hope for a bright future for everyone.  When local leaders and residents come together, it makes the world of difference!  We are excited to see what else is in store for us.  Cheers to a bright future  and all its citizens!